South Central L.A. Stories


This book will give students English terminology, definitions, the parts of speech, the rules for grammar and punctuation, modals, a list of adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and practice worksheets to conjugate regular and irregular verbs.

This material should be used in K-12, colleges, businesses, libraries and in the home.
I searched to find an English book with all the essentials
in one volume without success. As a result, I wrote my own.
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It is my hope that students will use this book as a straightforward guide to learning English basics. I hope that you enjoy it! Thank you! Straight ahead!
~ Professor CD Jackson, Jr.

# ISBN 978-0-9705759-5-1


360 Fully Conjugated English Verbs by CD Jackson, Jr., MA ISBN 978-0-9705759-5-1
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South Central L.A. Stories

Short stories about my experiences and others that I have observed while being raised in South Central Los Angeles, CA.


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